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The Fourth Wall Ensemble

20 July 2013

​​International Flute Symposium, West Virginia​

Greg Jukes, percussion

Hilary Abigana, flute and piccolo

C. Neil Parsons, bass trombone


Cinquillamente is a piece for piccolo (doubling on flute), bass trombone and percussion. It portrays an artificial ritual that changes over time. At first the ritual is characterized by the dominance of the bass trombone over the piccolo and the percussion. As time passes, the relationship between the melody of the bass trombone and the ‘cloud’ texture of the percussion and piccolo evolves, which is heightened by the movement of the players. Cinquillamente depicts the changes that time brings to the ceremony and the content of a ritual.


Cinquillamente was commissioned by The Fourth Wall Ensemble, a hybrid arts ensemble that focuses on to successfully merge movement and music. It was premiered during the International Flute Symposium on 20th July, 2013. 

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