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University of Manchester Chamber Orchestra

​4th February 2012

​​Cosmo Rodewald concert hall​

​University of Manchester Chamber Orchestra


In Dominican folklore Las 21 Divisiones is a religion associated with Dominican voodoo. It is often misunderstood and taken for a pagan and 'satanic' practise where the practitioners sacrifice animal under the dark veil of the night. Nevertheless, Las 21 Divisiones is an influential subculture and religion in Dominican Republic, a largely Roman Catholic country. Similar to Catholicism, Las 21 Divisiones has one God (Papa Bon Dyé) and 'saints' called Loá (or Luases, plural). These spirits are the ones that 'mount' (or possess) a practitioner's body during ritual ceremonies.​

Ritluases explores the idea of the ritual of possession. From the spatial layout of the orchestra to the musical structure and the specific roles assigned to the instruments, the music is an interpretation of the ritual.

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