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...y punto

...y punto is a work for violoncello and untuned percussion written as a eulogy that explores the melodic implication of the motivic cell F-B-G. Although the entire melody and therefore its intervallic relations are based on this cell, the melody passes from one mode to another unnoticed creating the effect of speech, which is furthered by elements from recitative music (e.g. repeated notes). The sorrowful and mournful nature of the violoncello melody is contrasted by the light and delicate character of the percussion. This contrast, and eventual juxtaposition, of these two ideas highlights the essence of a eulogy: it is sad and yet celebrates and praises the life of the deceased.

The different parts in ...y punto follow distinctive structural formations derived from the clave rhythm of Latin-American music. The violoncello is the main focus and hence, its structure guides the entire work. Nevertheless, the suspended cymbals and the bongoes and woodblocks play a crucial role in emphasising the overall form as well as carving their own throughout the piece.

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