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As a composer I draw inspiration from a variety of sources including literature, history and other artforms. My musical language combines Latin American culture, European concert music and theatricality, creaing a unique experience for the audience. 

Concert credits

Desfinterrumpidole (OperaNorth, 2023)

Batteries not Included (Northern Opera Group, 2023)

Aqui/Alla (OperaNorth, 2022)

Ensueño portento (Illinois Modern Ensemble, 2022)

La sombra (Manchester Chambre Choir, 2016)

Eolicamente (Toy Piano Composers, 2015)

Brava la Caña; Cocologia (MusicAbierta, 2014)

Eolicamente (Mason&Ruttllant Duo, 2014)

Alabanzas (National Youth Orchestra, 2014)

Cocologia (Nina Whiteman and Vaganza, 2013)

Cinquillamente (Fourth Wall Ensemble, 2013)

Galipote (Constella Orchestra, 2012)

...y punto (Marco Pereira and Jeff Eng, 2011)

Cojuelo Spirit (Manchester Camerata, 2010)

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